Sanitary Solutions.

Spotless cleaning that means business.
Getting rid of dirt and grime is a main priority, but even more important is a healthy environment. To provide the cleanest and most sanitary situations, we use Sanitary Solutions, offering a variety of No-Touch Cleaning™ Systems. The benefits of this system are numerous; a cleaner space, fewer laborers, lower chemical and equipment costs and peace of mind.


sanitary solutions process


Sanitary Solutions ToiletSanitary Solutions’ 3 Easy Steps

  1. Spray sanitizing solution on fixtures
  2. Blast soils to the floor with a high-pressure rinse
  3. Vacuum the floor dry, completely removing all soils and bacteria

With these factors in mind, attaining and maintaining a sanitary state in buildings, especially the restroom, is a challenge, yet one that’s very important to public health. It is vital that these areas be cleaned completely and properly to remove the harmful biological hazards and reduce the risk of disease. It isn’t good enough to simply clean for appearance. Cleaning for health must be the ultimate goal.


  • Thoroughly removes soils and bacteria
  • Attacks the complete continuum of soils
  • Eliminates cross-contamination through continual usage of fresh cleaning solution and rinse water along with complete soil extraction

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

  • Eliminates dust in a liquid form
  • Minimizes airborne particulates and chemical exposure
  • Minimizes fumes
  • Quietest system
  • Sparkling sanitary facilities

The Healthy Worker

  • Minimizes bending, kneeling and lifting
  • Protects workers from unhealthy exposure
  • Minimizes possibility of slip-fall injuries